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June 9, 2023

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is a foolproof strategy practiced by multi-billion dollar enterprises to small-scale ventures today. It is a set of processes aimed at scaling online traffic, especially through free and organic results in popular search engines. An SEO expert in Dubai can help you refine your marketing game by leveraging search engine algorithms to optimize your web presence. At its core, SEO aims to improve your website’s position in search rankings and ensure they are at the topmost position and visible to potential customers. 

SEO in Dubai covers all the basics of search engine optimization best practices to ensure you have a competitive edge over businesses similar to yours. Many of the agencies offer services specifically designed to cater to a specific business type. No matter the type of venture, an SEO services company in Dubai will kick off its dedicated offerings with a carefully curated set of practices. This involves analyzing and selecting keywords with higher volume and traffic, followed by composing original content that is optimized for search engines. An SEO consultant in Dubai will give special emphasis to adding relevant backlinks and keep a close eye on results to define their strategy. 

Understanding the Essential Pillars of SEO

Like principles that exist online, SEO techniques are subjected to change oftentimes. Amidst all these changes, there are a few core elements that remain unhinged. These are the defining pillars of search engine optimization. Top SEO companies in Dubai are familiar with these factors by heart. Let us understand them in detail below.   

  • Technical Optimization

These SEO practices most often happen behind the scenes. It involves endeavors focused on scaling SEO, which have nothing to do with the content itself. An SEO specialist in Dubai will closely examine the business website and after careful consideration will start working on optimizing it to comply with the search algorithms.

  • On-page optimization

This part of SEO is all about the content. Top SEO agencies in Dubai want you to dedicate your attention to your web content and any text related to your services. You need to make sure they are non-plagiarized, optimized, and appealing to the audience. It should exude the best user experience. You can employ your site’s content to showcase targeted keywords and optimize them by leveraging any of the popular content management tools.

  • Off-page optimization

As the name suggests, this part of SEO is targeted to areas outside the website. With the primary objective of boosting the site’s search rankings, an SEO company in Dubai will engage in practices to generate more backlinks for the site and establish the business’s reputation. Once the website is perceived as credible by Google and other relevant search engines, you can easily witness a downpour of user visitation to your site. 

Unraveling the Mystery Behind Search Engines – How do they Work?

The chances of you coming across a new product or service while casually browsing through a search engine is relatively high. In the modern world, search engines are the medium between the user and a potential product or service. These platforms rely on algorithms, which are programs that detect various factors online and provide the exact results for the users, to find and rank new web pages. A search engine works by essentially following three definite steps. These are listed below for your reference. Advanced SEO in Dubai takes these data into account to generate great results for local SEO.

  • Crawling

This initial phase is sparked by the discovery of web links by search engines. Following the trail, a search engine may send web crawlers to crawl the page. These web crawlers or spiders explore thoroughly and look out for new links.  They even keep an eye on content updates on platforms that are under the radar of search browsers. Pro tip from Dubai SEO services- add links to your blog posts from the homepage. Since web crawlers have a tendency to follow the links they have discovered, there is a high chance that they will reach your blog posts after crawling through your site’s homepage. 

  • Indexing

This is the determining phase for the search engine. Here it evaluates if the web page content is worthy to be indexed. The content has to be resourceful and original if it has to be considered by the search engines. Anything found plagiarized, spammy, or lacking in inbound links, will be rejected. Once the page is indexed, it is stored in a database and used once it is time to rank the pages. If you consult the best SEO agency in Dubai, they will prompt you to add original and unique content to your site and other related platforms to get effectively indexed. 

  • Ranking

This is the final and most important task carried out by the search engine. Here it goes through a myriad of factors to rank the content. Of these, many of them are closely connected to the pillars of SEO. If a website checks all the boxes, it is ranked high in search results. Of all the determining factors, watching out for the presence of keywords in the tag, website reputation, and web page load speed are key influencers of online ranking. 

Why is Google the Most Favored Search Engine for SEO?

Google is one of the dominant search engines out there. This is one of the go-to browsers for many of us, either for casually browsing or finding out new products and services online. Because of the immense popularity of Google, local SEO in Dubai is clearly focused on this search engine and its algorithms.

One of the many reasons for the traction of Google as a search engine is the better user experience it offers. The quality of the user experience is defined by the relevancy and the speed of the search results. This, in turn, is influenced by the search term or the user input and the search results or the output. As experts believe, Google will continue to dominate the search engine landscape in the unforeseeable future. 

Choosing Chrysalis Digital – The Best SEO Company in Dubai

You always need to put your right foot forward when launching a new venture. Your online presence, in essence, can make or break your business. As the best SEO agency in Dubai, at Chrysalis Digital, we offer you unique and custom SEO packages in Dubai. We start by analyzing your business goals and target audience. Our professionals will closely work with you to curate a plan that resonates with your operational objectives. No matter the size of the business, we have the best SEO strategy for everyone. Our carefully curated digital plan will help you connect with potential clients and establish your brand reputation. We have a specialized team, who are always on the alert for the latest trends in the digital landscape and keep an eye on the new Google algorithm releases in real-time. To give you a clear picture of what you can expect from our end, we are listing our major services below.

  • Website Analysis – Web analysis involves carefully examining, testing, and optimizing a website’s performance. Here, the professionals audit individual pages or the entire website to see how well they perform on the search engines, followed by optimizing them to scale rankings on SERPs
  • Keyword Analysis – This is the process of actively analyzing the search phrases or keywords that customers use when browsing for a new service or product. These keywords are what bring users to your website, either organically or through paid search
  • Competitor Analysis – Here, we thoroughly examine your industry’s general competition, followed by your SEO competition. We use the generated data to scale your search rankings
  • Content Preparation – This involves adding and optimizing the content on all platforms in connection with your business by integrating high-volume keywords to rank higher in search engines
  • Strategic Optimization – This phase involves optimizing every aspect of your website to help you rank higher in search results. This improves your chances of garnering better organic traffic
  • On-Page Optimization –  It refers to all practices that are employed directly on the website to improve its search engine rankings
  • Off-Page Optimization – This involves a set of practices, done outside the website, including link building, and social media marketing, to scale search engine rankings
  • Technical SEO –  This refers to the overall website optimization for effective search engine crawling and indexing

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