The Importance of Optimizing Local Citations to Strengthen SEO

May 2, 2023

Businesses need to give maximum effort to establish their online presence if they want to stay relevant in an age dominated by the internet. An excellent online presence will guarantee higher traffic to your website and more sales conversions in turn.

Citations building is one the best techniques to improve your local SEO rankings. By updating relevant and accurate information about your business, you increase your chances of being noticed by the global mass.

What are Local Citations? Understanding Their True Value in Search Rankings

Citations are one of the core defining elements in local SEO ranking factors. They are online mentions about your business name, address, or phone number (NAP) in an online source that is not owned by your organization. This data is viewed by Google’s algorithm as a characteristic component that determines an organization’s authority and authenticity and a measure to verify your address as listed in your Google My Business profile. Thus, citation building is a necessity to scale your local search rankings.

Local/enterprise citations, which also involve customer reviews and business hours, can be sourced from reputable blogs, online directories, social channels, and review sites. The higher the number of local SEO citations, the better your local search rankings. This is especially vital for growing businesses that need to expand their online presence by driving traffic to their website.

You can easily distinguish local citations into three main categories, including local listings (eg. Google My Business profile), data aggregator networks (eg. Data Axle), and industry-specific sites (eg. Avvo for lawyers).

Local Citation Building – Why Your Business Needs it ASAP

Citation building for local SEO is one of the result-yielding practices for enhancing your local business’s online presence. Understanding the areas it will influence your business helps you adopt the best local citation-building service for your ventures.

#Better results for your local SEO practices

Businesses of all sizes should avail of local citations service to see visible results in their online traffic rates. By employing local citations across various credible sources on the internet, you are establishing your business validity and making sure the search engines recognize your business as worthy of being ranked. Since citations are one of the core determining factors in local search rankings, make sure you share accurate and consistent information across the web to increase your chances of being listed in search results. By leveraging valid citations, like Google My Business citations, you are letting the world know of your presence in the global market space.

#Connect with potential customers and improve customer acquisition rates

In addition to establishing your dominance online, taking advantage of local citation sites will help you connect with potential customers and increase your customer procurement numbers. Users resort to online reviews and ratings to determine the value of an organization and its service offerings. If you employ a proper system to monitor and manage your online reviews, you get guaranteed user traffic. Also, make sure to ask your existing customers to leave genuine and favorable reviews on the web to increase your chances of bringing in new customers.

#More opportunities to scale online visibility

With proper local citations, you get access to multiple online sites and enhance your visibility ratios. In addition to influencing your search rankings, employing a local citation builder will add your business to major online business listings and expands your overall business outreach. When you use local business directories for citation management, you get to target users who use these applications and sites. Also, citation building on news sites opens up opportunities for attracting users who are looking for services specific to your offerings.

Different Modes of Citations

When it comes to local SEO, there are specifically two unique types of citations.


As the name suggests, structured citations follow a specific format while displaying online data. They display your business data in a consistent structure which includes your business name, address, and phone number (NAP). These citations are commonly visible in local business directories and online review platforms. Google My Business and Yelp are examples of structured citations. Although it can be a bit of a hassle to create this type of citation building, they are incredible sources for higher local search rankings and backlink building.


In this model, the business info is spread across the page without following a specific format. These are less commonly used than structured citations and can be found in forum threads, blog posts, or press releases. Since the vital data is all over the page, it takes Google algorithms quite some effort to define them.

Citation Building Tools – What Do They Do?

The link-building tools help to manage and even automate the citation-building processes. These resources offer attributes that allow you to monitor and streamline different aspects of citation building. The citation-building tools promote automated link-building that helps businesses save tons of time and effort. For instance, if you have acquired a new location for your business, then with local citation software, you may easily update the citation data on every platform without bothering to manually update the information.

The following are some of the top tools that you may use to build citations for local SEO.


This is one of the revered SEO link-building tools out there. It gives you access to a listing tool that can be used to effectively manage your citations across different platforms. It offers a listings and directories network, which comes with 125+ platforms that you can check out for free. Finally, Uberalls also provides a local landing page and a store locator service that can be used to scale traffic to your site.


This versatile SEO tool offers a Listing Management tool, which businesses can use to monitor and manage their local citations across multiple online platforms. Being dubbed one of the best link-building tools, Semrush allows you to check the status of your listings in real-time. If you find any disparities among any sources, you can correct them easily and quickly and make sure you always provide accurate business data.

#Tribe Local

This local SEO tool offers services that are more inclined toward managing citations, online reviews, lead generation, analytics, and more. It provides software tools to tackle every unique aspect of a business’s local SEO. Tribe Local is the right choice for marketing agencies who are in charge of looking after a business’s local SEO. Users can leverage its business citations tool to take care of their client’s local listings.

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