Hire Magento Experts

If you want to build high-performing eCommerce stores, you need the expertise of a Magento wiz. At Chrysalis Digital, we harbor a dedicated team of Magento developers, who can bring your visions to reality. Being a celebrated eCommerce platform, Magento is leveraged for its higher flexibility and customization attributes. If you are looking to hire a Magento developer, you have come to the right place! We follow a zero-hassle staff augmentation process here. Just let us know your goals and objectives, become part of the interview process, and voila! we will connect you with the best talents in the world! You can hire our creatives on an hourly or monthly basis, depending on what works best for your budget and project scope.


Magento Developer for Hire - Why We Are the Right Choice!

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Hands-on certified

Gain access to an incredible team of Magento developers, who are certified and accredited. Their exceptional skill in Magento development facilitates them to develop tailored online stores by integrating your specific requirements. With exclusive insights on Magento architecture, our developers aid you in deploying virtual stores that are user-friendly and high-on-performance

Knowledge and

Our developers have exposure to working with a versatile line of projects, spread across the globe. Their years of experience and vast knowledge prompt them to deliver solutions that are robust and reliable

Comprehensive skill

We are more than equipped to deal with any challenges in Magento development that come our way. This is because our experts are skilled in multiple facets of Magento, including customized Magento theme and extension development, security implementation, Magento migration services, performance optimization, and more


This is more than just a business partnership for us. We value your business objectives and strive to exceed your expectations. Our talents can easily integrate into your existing team and help you deliver your visions


Our Magento Development Services

You can hire a Magento developer from our team and kick-start building an innovative eCommerce store that is all equipped to create waves in the online landscape. Our Magento development services cater to the following activities:

Custom development

Be ready to deploy eCommerce stores that offer exceptional user experience and state-of-the-art designs. Whether you are looking to newly build an online store or revamp your existing one, we help you with tailored solutions that check all your boxes

Magento theme development

Garner attention for the right reasons through bespoke Magento themes. Our team can help you engineer themes that complement the brand’s identity and scale user engagements and conversions

Magento extension development

Boost your online store with the right features and capabilities with custom extensions. If you are looking to scale your platform, we will help you seamlessly integrate solid and powerful extensions

Migration assistance

Now enjoy hassle-free migration to Magento. Our developers will oversee the process, including data migration and functionality replication, to ensure data integrity and lower downtime

Upgrade assistance

Keep your online store in solid shape as our developers ensure your platform is up to date. This facilitates the store’s access to the latest attributes, performance features, and security patches

Integration services

Enhance the virtual store up a notch by seamlessly integrating third-party features into your online setup. Easily add functionalities like payment gateways, shipping providers, and CRM systems with our assistance

Flawless support and maintenance

Ensure your store is up and running with full vigor through our real-time support and maintenance services. We make sure your store is up to date with the latest version and keep tabs on the store’s performance

Magento Web Development

Hire our Magento experts to engineer flawless online platforms that offer incomparable shopping experience, flexibility, and feature-rich options. Our Magento web development services cater to the following attributes:

Highly responsive design

Deploy consistent user experience across all devices as our developers make sure the online store looks and functions exactly across multiple platforms

Top-tier UX design

Together, our UX designers and developers contribute to intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that offer a seamless experience for your dedicated users

Bespoke functionality

Our team is skilled in custom functionality development to accommodate your unique demands. Whether you are looking for a specific checkout process, or tailored product configurations, we get it done

Scalability attributes

Expand your business without fretting over your online store. We help you create online stores that grow with your business and are equipped to handle high traffic and transactions at any point in time

Security features

Our team engages in unparalleled security processes, ensuring both your eCommerce store and user data remain secure and protected

Looking to bring in seasoned Magento experts to your team? Let us help you find the right talent for your project from our outsourced pool of experts! Have a quick consult with us for further details.