Role of Social Media in Customer Experience Management

April 17, 2023

Social media is no more just a space apart from our personal and professional lives. Over half of the global population uses social media for entertainment, education or engagement. If you are a business person, you must never ignore the capacity of social media as the perfect space to build relationships and earn the trust of your customers. Many businesses follow social media marketing to build their brands and improve online visibility. The traditional channels of customer services are being superseded by social media, which connects with customers in a more engaging and personalized manner. The success of businesses coming up with creative social media marketing strategies shows the humongous impact of social media on business.

Customer experience defines the efficacy of your digital marketing strategies. Though businesses adopt different marketing and SEO strategies to pull in traffic, what matters, in the end, is how engaging and stimulating the customer experience is. Social media, a powerful engagement platform, is brimming with businesses coming up with highly engaging contests and campaigns to capture customers’ attention and drive a lot more of them. From creating brand awareness to influencing customers’ judgments, the impact of social media on customer purchase decisions is undeniable. To ensure a smooth social media experience among the customers, you must be keen in responding to their queries instantly, offer support on different channels, and collect feedback to make improvements. At the same time, your response to customers must build a strong connection; otherwise, you could be bombarded with negative comments and reviews, degrading your reputation and credibility.

Businesses adopting an efficient customer experience management strategy integrate customer service and social media to offer customized experiences, create engaging posts to find their interests and conduct online surveys. Employing social media as a tool for customers to reach out to you via contests, giveaways, surveys, and direct interactions boosts your chances of outperforming your competitors. In the past, customers had to contact or visit a store to address their feedback and issues entailing the store’s products or services. With social media and businesses trying their marketing tactics on the platform, customers can reach out to the service provider with a click and let their voice break the barriers beyond the country. 

Effective social media use by businesses can enable businesses to manage their visibility 24×7 by communicating with customers, actively engaging with them, and tactically dealing with positive and negative reviews. You can further boost the customer experience via social media by understanding your audience, making your website mobile-friendly, using Facebook and Twitter to resolve issues in real-time, personalizing customer experience, and investing in customer service. 

Brands doing well on social media marketing with routine posts, campaigns and contests are more likely to build strong personal relationships with their customers. Nothing works better than social media to boost the customer experience game. Following traditional methods alone in a digital world puts you at the risk of missing out on prospective customers. Chrysalis Digital, a digital marketing agency based in Kuwait, helps you escalate your customer experience with their social media analytics tool and social media management tool. With Chrysalis Digital, you can explore the potential of social media to generate sales, increase your customer base, manage your reputation, and enhance the overall customer experience.

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