Leveraging Google My Business to Enhance the Scope of Small Businesses

November 8, 2022

Google My Business (GMB) is slowly emerging as the one-stop destination for small-scale organizations to enhance their brand image. An optimized GMB profile puts your business in the spotlight. Understanding how to set up a Google My Business page and how to add users to Google My Business will help you achieve an overall makeover of your business.

Now, check out how having a Google My Business profile benefits your organization. 

Understanding Google My Business

This web tool offers numerous opportunities for small-scale businesses to scale their online presence. Google My Business support aids businesses to improve their rankings on the Google search engine by increasing their visibility for associated local searches. Since the web is the first preferred medium for many users to discover the services they are looking for, it has become more important than ever for businesses to establish their online authority. You want your services to be found when any potential customer searches for services associated with your industry, and have a proper strategy in place to engage with them. Availing assistance from Google My Business experts will help you gain initial insights.  

Optimizing your Google My Business profile will give you an edge over the competition. There are organizations offering Google My Business optimization services to help you with the process. Combining your different streams of marketing practices with effective GMB activities will help you reap enhanced ROIs. Using Google My Business management service to drive foot traffic for different branches of the business is one of the mostly employed practices.

Tips for Updating Your Google My Business Account and Profile

Optimized Google My Business profile helps businesses to stay relevant. Below are some easy steps to stay ahead with an updated GMB.

  • First things first, add all the relevant information related to your organization without omitting any vital details. Make sure you check the content for spelling errors once you are done
  • Please make sure the category you have chosen aligns with your business type and its industry
  • Follow the instructions to verify your business address. You can even check out online tutorials on ‘how can a Google My Business location be verified’ to do this easily. Using the Google My Business label allows you efficiently update your business location
  • Upload all key information about your services. Ensure you also add relevant keywords in this description
  • Next, you should upload images related to your business. For instance, you can add pictures of your building, and inside your office, and even include your business logos
  • By installing the Google My Business app, you can even enable the option to interact with your customers by answering their queries
  • Finally, you can employ Google Ads to promote your local business

If you are still confused about setting up your Google My Business profile, you can get more tips by searching for ‘how to get my business on Google’ in your search engine.

How Does Small-Scale Business Benefit from Google My Business?

#It is a free marketing tool

This underrated web tool is one of the most efficient marketing strategies for businesses to connect with their local customers. Leveraging GMB is proven to take off your local sales and opportunities. This powerful tool with the capability to transform the customer shopping, culture and online marketing strategies comes free of cost. Integrating Google My Business practices into your existing marketing blueprint will allow you to fine-tune your online business game. As records show, around 1009 customer searches were associated with businesses that frequently employ Google My Business, where 84% were discovery searches and the remaining came from direct searches.

#Witness a gradual increase in your online visibility

In this new-age digital scenario, having an online presence is critical for business success. As online reports suggest, Google, the most popular search engine receives around 63,000 online queries per second. There is also a trending growth in ‘the places near me’ search queries. As many users rely on the internet to discover the best service providers for their requirements, you need a definite online presence. Also, the inherent feature of internet users is their collective confusion about what to choose from. If you need to be on the list of ‘potential suitors’, you need to use Google My Business to generate online authority. To state facts, GMB listings have an edge over any other methods to rank better in local Google search queries. Even if you actively engage in SEO practices, any strategy that does not involve GMB will not reap the full benefit. Getting featured on the first page of the business listing will allow small businesses to scale their business operations and growth. 

#You get to practice online consistency

To build a harmonious relationship with your customers, you need to constantly update them on any major changes in your business. You have to be up-to-date on your online content and keep your customers in the loop. If you are planning on shifting your business location, or if you have recently changed your contact information, then make sure to reflect the changes in your business listings in GMB. This could include any changes in your website, social address, or business location. You can use Google My Business API to streamline information pertaining to your business location.

#Ensuring a good first impression

GMB listings can help you connect your brand with your customers and create a great first impression. You have the possibility to add images to your Google My Business listing to get customer attention. Adding pictures and videos in connection with your services will help build the face of your brand and showcase your business’s genuineness. The pictures and videos can cover anything from the inside of your organization to pictures of your team, surroundings, and even awards and ceremonies. For customers, these will offer a glimpse into what they can expect from your brand.

#Scaling SEO practices

When done correctly, Google My Business can be your ally in deploying one of the finest SEO practices. But before you update your contact details and call it a day, you need to understand what exactly it is you should do to improve your rankings. You need to optimize your GMB profile to get the best results. This includes optimizing your address, Google My Business phone number, web address, operating hours, logos, and images.

#A platform for customers to share their reviews

72% of customers rely on online reviews before deciding to choose a brand.

GMB offers an ideal platform for users to share their reviews and ratings. They can even add images to your business listing. Since reviews play an integral role in making or breaking your business, to ensure an overall positive outlook, you have to set aside some time to respond to your customer reviews. As many users look into the general public’s opinion of your services, getting a ‘thumbs up’ from customers will definitely drive your business growth.

In need of Google My Business optimization services? Connect with us today and our experts will help you expand your online brand image with best practices.

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