Staff Augmentation

Ensure zero downtime and enhanced work efficiency with our IT staff augmentation.

Take your work productivity to maximum heights and deploy seamless project delivery by leveraging our staff augmentation services. You can choose from our pool of talented developers, designers, and communication executives to push your turnaround time without going through the hassle of manually expanding your team. Since we don’t shy away from a challenge, we will effectively equip you with your dream team even before the deadline!

Understanding IT Staff Augmentation Service

Staff augmentation is the process of accumulating talent in an existing team of professionals with the aid of a third-party organization. The professionals outsourced will possess specific sets of skills that will have a positive impact on the business looking for outsourcing services. You may augment a seasoned professional or a diverse group of talents to your existing team without facing the overhead of recruitment, training, and staff retention.

IT Staff Augmentation Services to Innovate Future

Whether you are a start-up, SME, or large enterprise, we have just the right skill sets to facilitate on-time and smooth delivery of your projects. Our team of professionals will work as an extension of your existing creatives, ensuring there are no hiccups during the transition. Our IT augmentation services are structured flexibly to cater to the growingly unique demands of our global clientele. You can hire our team as long as it takes to deploy your service, and the onboarding can be done even during the middle of the project. Our vast tech stack covers pretty much all of the latest and trending innovations, including Flutter, Full Stack, Android, iOS, React, Node, Angular, PHP, Java, React Native, Magento, and more.

Staff Augmentation Service - What We Offer

Say goodbye to redundant recruitment processes and welcome on board the talent-driven augmentation programs. Fill in your talent gap and establish top-notch service delivery without tearing up your budget. Being a celebrated staff augmentation company, our seasoned team will effectively join your in-house professionals, while offering assistance on product development, or other facets of service delivery. Learn about the flexibility we practice in equipping you with creative talents.

Augment to your existing team

Introduce diverse skill sets to your existing team by bringing in extra talent from our pool of seasoned professionals. With staff augmentation, you get to enjoy the flexibility of curating custom teams to ensure on-time delivery of services.

Middle-of-the-project augmentation

Our team augmentation services extend delegating talent amidst the project development, where we guarantee smooth onboarding for flawless project takeover. This ensures zero downtime and faster turnaround time, facilitating the on-time launch of your solution.

Short-term services

You can leverage this staff augmentation model when you are in dire need of talent to navigate your project. Choose between ready-to-work teams or specific candidates depending on the scope of your work.

Extended team for long-term benefits

Here we provide tailored recruitment for specific software skills and other attributes for a longer-term contract. In this case, you can effectively monitor our resources while we look into other aspects of the augmentation.

IT Staffing Augmentation - Our Process

Defining requirements

Share your project requirements, including the extent of the tech stack, the number of candidates, and the time period. All of this data contributes to the selection of the right talent pool.

Selecting the talent

We have a versatile selection of ready-to-join teams, proficient in multiple tech variables and the latest innovations. If your requirements are specific to the core, we welcome you to become part of the hiring process to ensure you find the right fit.

The onboarding

The outsourced staff will seamlessly become part of the in-house team. You may brief the candidates about the project to be delivered, by effectively delegating tasks. The augmented staff will rectify the talent gaps you faced earlier.

Project delivery

With proper monitoring and management, we ensure all of your requirements are met and the project is delivered on time as promised.

Benefits You Receive from Our Staff Augmentation Services

No matter the size of your organization and the scope of your project, here are some of the top benefits you can reap from collaborating with us.

Zero hiring hassles

You no longer have to worry about browsing through endless resumes to find the right talent. Our team will do it for you instead and share the list of approved candidates.

Legally adept

We remain the official employer of all the outsourced talents. This means that we are responsible for every aspect of legal processes and documentation in connection with the candidates.

Lower turnarounds

By bringing top-rated talents on board, you get to enjoy less downtime and faster project delivery. This helps you gain increased profits and enhanced brand recognition.

Time and resource-saving

Bring the best value to your business without overspending by leveraging our IT staff augmentation services. You will no longer have to spend money on recruitment and additional training.

Gain the best talent

Get immediate access to certified candidates, proficient in their specific department. Transform your service scope by taking advantage of vetted talent.

Establish control

You are welcome to be part of the candidate screening process to ensure they check all the boxes. Stay in the loop of every step of the project development and keep tabs on every small milestone.

Why Choose Chrysalis Digital for IT Staff Augmentation Support?

Talent diversity

Access to talented and seasonal professionals to explore the different aspects of the project at hand.

Enhanced employee retention

Ensuring the candidate is part of the in-house team as per the stipulated contractual time.

Time-zone overlap

The outsourced team will work under a timeline that works best for you

Effective transparency

We maintain transparency at every step of the project delivery. Easily conduct daily meetings to keep track of the progress.

Timely delivery

Our creative geniuses will give you their 100% to ensure on-time delivery of the project.

Post-delivery support

We are happy to help you with maintenance, troubleshooting, and optimization post-completion of the project.


How is staff augmentation different from normal hiring?

Traditional hiring usually involves recruiting full-time candidates who are assigned to become permanent members of the organization. Whereas, in staff augmentation external resources are hired for unique projects or periods, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness without any kind of obligations expected from permanent employment.

What benefits do you get from staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation facilitates companies to easily tweak their team according to project demands. It is essentially cost-effective as companies do not have to pay for benefits associated with a full-time job. The companies get access to specialized talent and enjoy faster turnaround times.

What processes come under staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation usually involves identifying the talent gaps for effective project deployment, and finding external resources by partnering with a staff augmentation company, followed by onboarding, resource monitoring, and performance evaluation.

What are the common challenges in connection with staff augmentation?

Becoming part of a new company culture and the existing team can be a bit of a challenge. Also ensuring accountability and mitigating risks when it comes to data security is something that needs special monitoring.

What factors do you need to keep in mind when selecting a staff augmentation company?

Start by checking the reputation and the experience of the company. Check their track record to see if they are good at what they do. You need to look into the flexibility they offer when it comes to meeting evolving project requirements. With 18+ years of experience in the field, you can trust our capabilities to outsource you the best talents for on-time and efficient project delivery.