New Uberall features to prepare your business for the new year

January 27, 2023

It goes without saying that customer experience is the key to a booming business. Marketing strategies centered around customers are more likely to fetch you positive results. Uberall is a location listing tool that improves a brand’s online visibility in search engines by listing their business locations and letting them update their business locations in real time. It helps them enhance local SEO and pull in potential customers by boosting their visibility to local customers. In a nutshell, Uberall is a location listing and reputation management software that lets businesses exert more control over the local market. 

The reputation management tool of Uberall allows businesses to collect and manage customer reviews. Customers, being a powerful entity in marketing, make it vital to handle customer relations efficiently. It includes acknowledging and responding to positive and negative reviews professionally. Customer feedback is crucial to understanding the relevance of your business in the market and the innovations required for your product or service. 

Uberall’s exclusive features put you ahead of the competition in the dynamic business landscape by helping you build strong customer relationships, assess your impact, and increase your visibility, views, and clicks. Some Uberall features are discussed below:

Uberall Messages: This tool makes it seamless to connect with customers at any time and respond to their queries timely and professionally from a single place. This tool entails 24/7 availability and responding via an advanced AI chatbot, increasing the chances of converting inquiries to leads, bookings, and sales. 

Reply Assistant: It can be difficult for businesses with multiple locations to give a quick and precise reply to queries. Uberall’s Reply Assistant has automated responses and a response library with templates to enhance your response time and rate.

Review Management: One of the best ways to fetch more customers is by generating reviews of people who have availed of your service or used your product. Businesses can ask their customers to leave a review via email or text messages. For this purpose, you can have a template for your review form with URLs, images, and texts that can be sent to your customers.

Uberall Engage: With Uberall Engage, you can provide access to your employees to monitor and manage reviews from a single point. You can also schedule upcoming posts and evaluate the feedback by location and time.

Local SEO Report: Reports are important to check if your business is in the right direction. By assessing your impact and location ranking in the searches, it becomes easier to narrow down the keywords and improve the search strategy to augment your visibility.

Sentiment Analysis: This tool helps you analyze customer feedback deeper and gain meaningful insights which you can use to extend your customer services. It gives you sentiment scores based on the tone, pattern, and context of your customer reviews. It helps you compare your score across your market location and build a loyal customer base based on the data.

Corex Mobile App: Uberall’s Corex Mobile app is an advanced upgrade that drastically alters how regional operators can contribute to local marketing strategies. The app helps your team manage location info, opening hours, reviews, and posts. 

Uberall Locator & Local Pages: It helps customers navigate to your store locations from your website and mobile apps easily. CTA buttons, combinable filters, and pin-only locations assist your customers in finding you effortlessly. Local pages connect to regional customers by providing locally-significant information and boosting local SEO with its information and analytics tool.

Media Manager: Media Manager helps businesses enhance their digital appearance and make it simple and more performance-driven. It gives you more control over how your locations appear on Google and Facebook and provides the right assortment of photos and data that search engines seek out when promoting businesses.

Local Inventory: Uberall’s local inventory tool allows brands to promote and publish their products in stock on platforms like Google. It helps your brand get discovered in local searches and drives sales.

Uberall Kuwait has carved a path to sales for businesses by making them relevant, competitive, and technologically updated. With Uberall tools, businesses can start small, from winning regional customers and increasing local visibility to going global. Uberall is 100% secure, complies with European Data Protection guidelines, and is an effective location listing and management tool to maximize revenue in all locations. Chrysalis Digital, a digital marketing agency based in Kuwait, offers Uberall services and specializes in listing and reputation management, local SEO, online brand protection, and data cleansing.

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