How to Use WhatsApp Business API for Marketing and Sales?

April 25, 2023

An incredibly huge number of people around the globe send messages every day. A significant part of this messaging community uses WhatsApp, hinting at the fast-paced growth of the online platform as a popular global messaging app. Besides using the app as a personal space, many brands started using it for professional communication. It prompted WhatsApp to launch WhatsApp Business exclusively for business usage, with features like instant and automated replies. Though there are many online platforms for business communication, the features of WhatsApp Business make it a preferred choice for businesses owing to its highest click-through rate than any other marketing platform. 

What makes WhatsApp Business an effective sales and marketing strategy is its higher conversion potential, opening rates, instant replies, etc. While WhatsApp Business accommodates only small-sized businesses with limitations on automation, number of devices, broadcast, and contact synchronization, WhatsApp Business API allows businesses of all sizes to leverage the full potential of the app to manage multiple conversations with multiple customers at a single time. 

WhatsApp Business API benefits your business by driving traffic and generating leads, but you should know how to use it effectively for marketing and sales. After setting up your account, you must learn certain tactics to use the app to your advantage, some of which are discussed below.

  • Ensure quick responses, mostly within 24 hours: One of the effective ways to build a connection with your customers is to respond to them immediately once you receive the queries. Instant responses show your brand’s professionalism and obligation and make your customer come back to you again. 
  • Offer customer support: Customers, the key to successful businesses, must be offered support 24X7 to reinstate their trust in you. Using the app as a customer support platform helps customers contact you anytime to address their concerns and queries.
  • Use chatbots: Using a chatbot saves you much time and energy. You can prepare many templates to respond to usual queries while still retaining human assistance in case a rarely asked question comes up. 
  • Utilize WhatsApp Business API integration: You must use WhatsApp Business API to integrate the platform with your business’ CRM tool, chatbot, automated chats, and chat agent dashboard. WhatsApp API integrations automate and facilitate customer communication, allowing businesses to send personalized messages, promotional offers, and customer service messages directly to their customers’ WhatsApp accounts.

WhatsApp Business API has a high potential of acquiring your business, a loyal customer base, and a strengthened brand presence and reputation, provided you utilize its functionalities and applications from a sales perspective. The intent of any business is to pull in more customers, generate leads and improve the conversion rates with your sales and marketing strategies. If you want your business to unlock the scope of WhatsApp Business API to your advantage, you must contact a reputable digital agency, preferably the Kuwait-based Chrysalis Digital, that helps you make WhatsApp work the best for your business.

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