How To Use Google Street View For Business

July 17, 2022

If you’re an SEO expert or simply a digitally growing small enterprise finding ways to gain more

There is obviously no chance you missed the small button on your Google Plus Dashboard which says “Add Virtual Tour?”. You might have done everything you could for your business SEO, except Google Maps Business View. Because you think it isn’t necessary. But it could be precisely what your business needs.

Google has enabled businesses to utilise Google’s Street View Technology for their business. Using Google street view for businesses helps bring probable customers to your retail store, cafe, office and more. In addition, people looking for location-based companies online will have the chance to visit inside your physical store with a 360-degree virtual tour if you add google street view for businesses.

What is Google Street View?

Now that we know how to use Google Maps by clicking and dragging our mouse around to appreciate 360° virtual reality sights of the road. Making the best use of Google Business View for your business is not an option but a necessity.

Google Street View is a Google Map technology that allows users to view and guide through 360-degree horizontal and 290-degree vertical panoramic street-level photographs of various cities worldwide.

When combined with 360 Virtual Business tours, Google Business View permits customers to do the exact thing—zoom, pinch and stroll around—inside your business.

To push the limits of the search engine market industry, Google has expanded their criterion yet again. It is focused on hungry business owners looking for ways at every angle to remain at the forefront of their endeavours.

Use Google Street View for business.

Google Maps technology that people use to search on the web for local services can now help them discover not only your business but help them get an interactive 360° virtual tour. That’s because Google Street View has now decided to bring Street View inside the retail stores and businesses.

For using Google Street View for businesses, there are Trusted Photographers who earned the badge from Google. They help you to create virtual tours for your company. Unfortunately, some trusted photographers are not bonded nor insured and do not use the best possible tools to obtain quality virtual tours.

That’s why we decided to start 360°-Virtual after witnessing many low-quality virtual tours on Google Maps. Because we believe in making high-quality, high-resolution virtual tours. It demands more time and resources, which most photographers out there are giving up in favour of high magnitude, low-budget sales.

How can your business benefit from Google Street View?

You are twice as likely to get noticed by potential customers if you improve your business listing with photos and virtual tours.

Mostly, people use their mobile devices to search for business whilst out. So having your business with Google Street View makes it a golden opportunity front-and-centre when you are accessible on their smartphone.

You don’t meet most of your customers face to face with an online delivery system. Hence it is essential to provide people with a glance at the layout and environment of your physical office. It helps them understand and trust your business and the services you provide. Yes, your best selling point is your business environment!

One of the best advantages of having the shoot is growing your online visibility and increasing interactivity. For example, the images in your business profile could promote consumers to connect to your website. So whilst the Google Business View photo shoot by itself is a little influencing factor, the number of click-throughs you obtain from your improved profile can indirectly help you rank better.

Using Virtual Tours Creatively

What kind of business do you possess? Maybe you could conduct polls, votes or some sort of game for your customers. Or a virtual tour through your physical store might be helpful. Then, based on the nature of your business, think about what your customers might want to witness. Finally, you can think of using Google Street View for your business creatively.

Are you worried that your business doesn’t even have a Google My Business page? No worries, we have an expert team for your help. In addition, our team can help you feature your virtual business tour out to the world to enjoy. Get us into your business to sit back and relax.

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