Chatbots and live chat for sales and marketing automation

Improve your lead generation process using our conversational AI platform.

The Big Idea

Do you know 30% of companies use AI-powered marketing chatbots for their marketing services? With well-defined strategies and a concrete technology foundation, Chrysalis Digital helps companies to uplevel their marketing experiences.

AI allows you to streamline and optimize your customers using 24*7 customer support and live chat. These automated services help you to personalize brand messages, perform social media outreach and deliver support without the requirement of added headcount or time. The 24*7 sales support helps to solve the queries, which can nourish leads to sales completion. The key services in automation opportunities in sales & marketing are:

  • Lead Generation and Scoring
  • Lead Nurturing and Closure
  • Promotional Campaigns across Social Media
  • Customer Engagement and Analytics


Conversation Flow Builder
CRM Integrations
Omni Channel
Natural Language Processing



Send Offers and Promotions
Provide Point-of-sales Information
Cross-selling & Upselling Opportunities

Lead Management

Garner Lead Information
Lead Scoring
Nurture Leads


Contact Analysis
Monitor Retention
Customer Profiling


Schedule Sales Calls
Manage Checkpoints
Schedule and Mark Sales Targets