Chatbots and live chat for eCommerce & Retail

Enhance your shopping experience with eCommerce and retail chatbots.

The Big Idea

Are you aware that by 2023, 70% of all chatbots accessed will be retail-based? And, annual eCommerce chatbot transactions will reach $112 billion. And here is why chatbot for eCommerce plays a crucial role.

Conversations are important in commerce, from enquiring about the products to the final payment. Conversational eCommerce brings together AI and live chat to give a superior shopping experience for customers. The 24*7 customer service helps with product research and recommendations to payments. Beyond customer engagement, it helps in vendor management as well. Key conversation commerce services include:

  • Lead Generation & Nurturing
  • Product Search Guidance
  • Order Tracking Support
  • Conversational Commerce


Natural Language Processing
Bot Commerce & Cart Management
Campaign Management
Integration Hub
Omni Channel
Live chat


Business to Consumer

Customer Onboarding
Product Search
Order Tracking & Status Inquiries
Help and Support
Special Promotion Campaigns
Live Chat Assistance

Business to Employee

Easy Tracking of Tasks List
Automated notification for new Customers
Lead Management
Account Renewals
Automated Assignment of Leads