Chatbots and live chat for best customer support

Learn how to improve customer service using chat support.

The Big Idea

Improve your customer support by reducing the responding time. Bring better customer satisfaction using chatbots and live chat agents and impress your customers without making them wait.

Chatbots help you focus on your primary duties by dealing with simple customer queries by responding immediately. Chatbots work by responding to queries using a programmed set of past conversations. Complex customer queries are handled using live chats with the help of upskilled customer representatives in real-time discussions. The key services included with the comprehensive customer services are:

  • 24×7 Service availability
  • Empower your support team
  • Automated ticket creation
  • Seamless transition from digital to human


Natural Language
Live Chat
Auto Routing
File Uploads


Ticket Management

Create Tickets

Track Ticket Status

Knowledge Management

Search Information from FAQs

Access Tech Support Articles

Technical Support

Upload Multimedia for Support

Trained bot to Respond with Simple Queries

Automate Common Tasks

Human Support

Live Chat

Auto Routing